Just Found Out You're Expecting A Baby? 

mom and ultrasound

Not sure where to begin? 

Many women find maternity care in Israel difficult to navigate due to the fact that they don't have continuous care under one doctor. The OB that you have won't necessarily be the professional to catch your baby, unless you pay privately. That, coupled with the fact that women in our community often don't tell friends and family that they are expecting a baby until a few months along, makes it difficult to know who to go to for easy, accessible and practical advice when questions arise. The internet, family and friends can all be useful guides during this time, but an educated professional who is able to ease your worries and anxieties is priceless.


BirthBuddy Doula Services offers the full package of prenatal care. Look into the option of hiring BirthBuddy Doula as an Early Pregnancy Guide- I'm ready to answer all questions, direct you to the correct medical professionals and be 24 hour phone support for you when you most need it.