Harley and Annaelle's Birth Story

The morning of my birth I couldn't sleep since my sister and her family were making aliyah. I was up and was out of the house by 6:15 and took a taxi to the airport. I was worried about having to pee in the taxi/at the airport/on the way back to Jerusalem, so I wasn't drinking nearly as much as I should have.

We got to the airport and we made tons of signs and before we knew it my sister and her family were there! I took a taxi to their new apartment with them. The apartment was a scam when we got there, so there was that. I went to look behind the building and see if maybe somehow we were just looking in the wrong place, and the fake building number they gave us was really just somewhere else. As I was walking back to my sister, my water broke. I really did not think I was giving birth that day so I called my husband. I asked him what one would do if they peed themselves. He laughed and said "uhhh I think your water broke. Maybe call the doctor." I did and he also said it was probably my water breaking and that I should head to the hospital soon. By this point I was shaking a little. This was my first birth. And I wasn't with my husband. My husband said he would head home from work and that I should get home as well. I told my sister and went to get a cab. My husband met me at home and said the water breaking did look like I peed myself. I went home to shower and the contractions started. I did not realize how intense they would be. I got out and called my doula (who is also my friend,) to let her know what was up. She laughed and said since it was my first birth, I had time.

My husband and I were still worried and didn't know what else to do so we packed and took a cab to the hospital. The contractions were already much worse by then. We passed by a pizza store called Pizza Nuni and I kept thinking, if everything works out and this baby is alive by the end of this, her nickname will be "Nuni." I felt like it was somehow a sign. (I never did call her Nuni...She was just never a Nuni.) We got to the maternity ward in the hospital and it was very quiet. My husband joked that we came on a good day. The nurses laughed and said they just sent six women up to give birth. They took us to get me checked in. The nurse said ohhh wow you are at 3 centimeters already! I was all "that is it?!" Anyways, a contraction came on and it was really intense. They said the labor rooms were all full or being cleaned up, but that I could have a shower there at the check in ward. I went to shower and the hot water felt soo amazing I didn't want to get out! My husband kept knocking to make sure I didn't need anything. He said after he was worried each time it got quiet while I was showering. I got out and each contraction was really hard on me. My husband called the nurse and asked her to check on me. The nurse said "Fiiine, she can go to a room," clearly unimpressed since she figure it was my first birth and I still had time, so I must have been a complainer. They put me into a less private room, with three beds. Each contraction was really hard for me. A nurse came in and said, "Good you are having heavy contractions!" That really bothered me. (I am still unsure if it was the hormones or what, but that comment still bothers me almost three years later!)

Anyways, the contractions started to get worse and I really wanted my own room and to feel more settled. My husband told a nurse and we were moved to a room. Pretty soon after, it was really really intense for me. My husband called over a nurse and she once again sighed, "Fiiine we will give you an epidural.." but then I had a contraction and screamed "Get this out of me!" Right then my doula walked in and said "Maybe check how many centimeters she is at, before giving her an epidural?" I was at ten! They had not checked me since I walked into the hospital. I know for next time to be more on top of being checked out. Anyways, I was pushing for what seemed like forever to me and then they said they should check the baby's heartbeat. They hadn't done this until now. Not when we were checked in and not when I was moved to the three bed room. Anytime I complained the nurse said "Do you want a C-section?!" and I said "Sure!" And she said "No, you can't have one, Push!"

After some contraction, I stopped and said, "Okay I need to use the restroom!" They told me I needed to stay on the bed. I was quite insistent and pulled off whatever wires were on me and went to use the restroom. I peed. And when I came back the nurse said I had to sign a paper that I wasn't accepting medical advice and help since I went to pee. The nurse said she would give me a few minutes to think about this. I told my husband I wanted a new labor nurse. We got a new nurse and things went smoother. I was also in loads of pain and so my husband asked the nurse for laughing gas since we heard that could be helpful. Thank G-d for my husband because that really helped in between the contractions. At my last push I kept thinking how I didn't want a daughter because then she would have to go through this terrible pain like I was going through. Anyways, I pushed one more time and my daughter was born! Six hours after my water broke. It was intense and one of the hardest things I have ever done. Looking back I am just so proud of my husband for being there for me and for really helping me. It was also amazing to bring a child into this world that my husband and I get to shape.

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