Gila's Birth Story

At 39+3 week pregnant, I went to get a checkup at my OB and he found that I had a borderline Oligohydramnios (low amniotic fluid), not enough to be super concerned, but enough to keep an eye on. He proposed that I have my membraned stripped to help start labour so I wouldn't have to be induced if the fluid went lower. So I did that, which was really really uncomfortable and pretty painful, but luckily it only lasted approximately 30 seconds. I came back the next day and the amniotic fluid was even lower, so he did a "double stripping" meaning he did it for double the amount of time, and this time is was REALLY painful... I think I might have drawn blood from my husbands hand I held it so hard. He sent me to get a monitor, which was totally fine. The doctors decided to do a pitocin stress test, basically to see if they gave me pitocin how the fetus and placenta would handle the stress, but they only do this test in the delivery room. So after a couple hours they put me in the delivery room and performed the test, and everything was at that point they said I was 2 cm dilated, approx 50% effaced, but the cervix was extremely posterior (which is why the membrane stripping had hurt so much).

Thank G-d good.

We were waiting to be discharged when a midwife came in, and decided to take it upon herself to induce me by tripling the Pitocin dose... my husband and I kinda freaked out because I did NOT WANT Pitocin unless I needed it. After a while they removed the Pitocin, but this midwife was noticeably upset at us. At around 3 pm we were waiting for the doctors to come do their rounds and discharge us... and that is when I felt my water broke, and luckily I was already in the delivery room! My contractions started around 4 pm, and at first they were totally manageable with a TENS machine and birthing ball. I had a Doula, who was unbelievable and also helped by massage. My contractions at this point were about 4 minutes apart and lasting approximately a minute, and were getting SUPER painful, because my water had broke they weren't really checking me so I had no idea how dilated I was. My Doula recommended the shower to help with the pain, and we spent about an hour there with water on my back, it was SUPER AMAZING, there was almost no pain.

After about an hour (this is around 9 pm) they made me come back to the room because they wanted to do a monitor. The same midwife we had yelled at before, came in in the middle of the contraction and my husband told her to wait till the contraction was over. Obviously she was angry because she threw the monitor equipment on the bed said "Do it yourself" and stormed out the room. My husband, being the amazing person he is went and quickly requested a new midwife! At around 9 pm, all the natural methods of pain control were not helping and I requested an epidural, which was quickly put in (although the nurse would not let me hold her hands while they were doing it, which bothered me.). They checked me and I was only 4 cm, I was DEVASTATED! Anyhow, I took a 30 min nap and they came in to check again... and then I was 8 cm! And they quickly made it 9.5 cm during a contraction. An hour later I was fully dilated! My midwife (new midwife) and Doula actually new each other, so they were working together like a dance, anticipating each other's moves. They kept me moving, so I would go on my side, push for a couple contraction, go on my back push, go on the other side, push, take a break and keep going.

My gorgeous little guy was born at 1:55 AM! Other than the mean midwife with the Pitocin I would not change anything about my birth experience!

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