Birth Day Toolkit- Top 4 Pain Management Techniques for Labor

Trying to figure out other options to help you get through the pain of labor and don't know where to start?

Have you recently spoken to friends about how they got through Labor? What things helped them the most? From epidurals to flipping yourself over the side of the couch, their are countless ways to get pain relief, and help labor progress.

Here are my top 4 techniques that I've seen dramatically reduce pain and the length of labor:

1. Hire a Doula that is trained in Spinning Babies© Techniques. I've seen stalled labors dramatically improve with the continued work of Spinning Babies. It's also good to know, you can start some of these techniques while you're pregnant and give yourself a leg up, (literally, also!) when labor actually starts. Spinning Babies also has a wonderful website where they offer loads of free information, and cheap downloadable videos to help you out.

2. Get in the WATER. Water tends to reduce the pressure on our lower backs, stomachs and bladders during labor. It's a natural muscle relaxant, so it can help your body accomplish much more effective, progressive contractions, if anxiety or stress from pain is slowing labor. Showers, baths, going for a swim are all encouraged at different stages of labor.

3. Bring on the wine. In general, when we are starting labor, our rule of thumb is to try and stop it. It seems really counterintuitive, but the truth is, if labor stops, then it wasn't the right time- and if it continues as normal, you'll be more relaxed during the whole thing and your body will naturally follow labor's course.

4. TENS Machines are the bomb. Not literally, obviously, but they are pretty freaking awesome. In Israel, it's easy to rent them for birth, from places like Yad Sarah, but you can also buy one online for relatively cheap- $30 or so, and they are SO worth it. TENS machines are little electrical units that attach with electrodes to the laboring mother's back, and send tingling feelings up her spine, to distract from the pain of contractions. Some people hate them, and others love them, so it's always worth giving it a try. Just remember to give the TENS machine a chance for at least three contractions, it's worth it.

I hope these tips helped, and if you'd like more, just like them- follow our blog!

Wishing you a healthy, happy, and easy birth,

Your BirthBuddy Doula

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