Katie's Birth Story

Ask any type of medical profession, it takes time between going off birth control and getting your body back to a normal period cycle. Since it took me a while to get pregnant with my first because of this, I figured the same thing would happen when we next tried. I gave myself two months. If i hadn’t had a period I would go get checked to make sure everything was ok. Two months later, I was home sick from work, I was just telling my husband how I felt very nauseous. About 2 minutes later I went to the bathroom and threw up. The only other time I had thrown up was when I was pregnant with my first. I happen to have a home pregnancy test, I peed on a stick, 2 lines came back, which meant positive! I’m pregnant!!

I was off to the family Doctor that day for something else, so I asked her for a blood test to check for HCG (the pregnancy hormone), it came back with a high number, great! Off I went to my Gynecologist. The second pregnancy was a little bit easier, as I had been through it before. So I knew what to do, my doctor gave me the referrals for the ultrasounds, and to come back and see him after each one. He also reminded me to go to the nurses every month to do regular pregnancy checkups. What no one tells you is that the second pregnancy, although you may know what you’re doing, is a lot harder. Why? Well because you are running around after a toddler, working, juggling a household and all the other stuff you do, all whilst being pregnant! There is a lot less time to rest and put your feet up. I was back to wearing the compression tights, to help with the varicose veins on my legs.

Having already been through a pregnancy, I knew what was about to come. I tried to stay off my feet, as much as I could, in the hope my feet wouldn’t get as big as they did for my first pregnancy, where I bought a shoe size up so I had something to wear on my feet. So far, this pregnancy was going well, I wasn’t throwing up as much as my first. Each pregnancy is different, I guess. Getting closer to my due date, I had decided to go with my amazing Doula again.

Monday evening, I started having contractions, I thought “Great, this is it!” They were every 10 minutes, so I called my doula who told me it was early labor and to keep her posted. Later that night they subsided and I managed to get some sleep, the next morning I woke up, only to find I hadn’t gone into labor and I still had a big stomach. A week later, the same thing happened, painful contractions, and again, I started timing them. I called my doula who came over, to check up on me. We decided to keep timing and to be in touch if they got within 3-5 minutes apart. Of course they didn’t, I went to bed that night, now getting frustrated that nothing happened.

A week after my due date, I went out shopping with a friend. I started having contractions, she even offered to take me to the nurses station at the health clinic or even the hospital. I said “No, this can’t be it, the contractions aren’t 5 minutes apart yet.” There were every 20 minutes to 40 minutes and it varied a lot. I got home, decided to call my doula, who said to keep her posted.

I told her that although they weren’t close together, they were painful and I knew this was it. At 2.20pm, Tuesday afternoon, I lay on my bed, and Bam!! My water broke! I called my doula who was now on her way to me. I then called my husband who was on his way home already from work. I told him to grab the hospital bags, so we could go straight back out. We were off to the hospital!!

On the way, I kept trying to push. My contractions never got close together and my friend who was with me switched driving positions with my doula, who now sat next to me. We hit some traffic and skipped a red light or two. We made it to the hospital at 3.20pm. My friend got me onto stretcher, and we went straight into the emergency room. Meanwhile, I was screaming and pushing. Once we got there, they immediately started pushing me out and to the elevator to get me to a delivery room. I turned to my doula and said “No, no, no! It’s here in the hallway or the emergency room!” Back I went into the emergency room. I now had around me, my wonderful husband, doula, a friend, a paramedic from the ambulance, because I was on their bed, a nurse, a midwife, a doctor and the national service girls! How often does someone give birth in the emergency room? Normally it’s all trauma cases. At 3.45pm my daughter had decided to make an appearance. Wow she was a fast birth! There was no time for an epidural because I got to the hospital 10cm dilated!! Crazy!!!!!!

From my own experience, I learned that each pregnancy and birth can be very different, so be prepared for anything!

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