4 Ways Childbirth Classes Will Give You Your Dream Birth

After seeing a few frustrating experiences for new moms, I'm strongly considering only agreeing to support first time moms if they have done, or will do, Childbirth Education Classes, first. The differences I see in a birth for a mom who is educated and one who is not, is unbelievable. Here is a list I've compiled of reasons that Childbirth Education Classes can help you, even with the toughest births.

1. You'll Learn What's Normal and What's Not

A common mistake that new moms make is convincing themselves that something is wrong in early labor and rushing to the hospital, hours too early. Not only is getting sent home annoying, but being in the hospital too early can leave you open to experiencing more unnecessary interventions, and can cause stalls in labor, due to anxiety. Childbirth classes will teach you to recognise normal signs of early labor, as well as abnormal signs.

2. You'll Learn Coping Techniques

So many first time moms have this intense fear of labor, because they are so scared of the pain they will experience and don't know any options, other than an epidural. Childbirth classes will teach you about all your options, from position changes, breathing techniques and useful gadgets, to medication and other forms of pain relief, so you can stay calm.

3. You'll Learn What to Expect Even When Things Go Differently Than Expected

For the most part, Moms who have been prepared for all different types of births, whether that's vaginal or cesarean, vacuum delivery or episiotomy, or even not having enough time for an epidural, when they were banking on one, will be much less traumatised than moms who put their fingers in their ears and hope for the best. Knowledge is power, and especially in hospital births, deciding you will "just let things happen" often ends up with more interventions than you can imagine.

4. You'll Learn Not to Spend All Your Time Focusing on Birth

A good Childbirth Education Class will also teach you about the fourth trimester. From breastfeeding to calming a crying baby, you'll be all set, with the right class. People tend to focus so long on the birth that's coming, that Childbirth Education Classes often remind them that the hardest job is what's yet to follow. The classes will help you put things into perspective, and spend a good chunk of time on getting you and your partner ready for afterward.

Lastly, as a bonus, you'll meet other women in the same situation! If you're doing a group class, you get to hear other peoples questions, which sometimes will trigger some of your own, and you also get to build bonds with other moms who will be on maternity leave at the same time as you! What could be better?

As a Childbirth Educator I love to see the transformation that couples go through during our classes together. From day one, with fear and anxiety written all over their faces, to the end of our fourth meeting, when everyone has a newfound sense of calm, confidence, and relaxation, there is nothing like a good education to help Mothers and Fathers have the best birth they can imagine.


Want to find out more about the classes that we have coming up? Check out this page, and sign up for a quote!

To find out more about Dina Devora Jacob, BirthBuddy Israel, click here!

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