Hospital Tours- The Best Time Investment

Women are constantly leaning on each other for advice. Talking to your bestie about birth comes up so often. We always know we can trust our close friends and family to lead us in the right direction. When it comes to birth though, every situation is different. From making sure you vibe just right with your Doula, to choosing a Doctor that you feel like can support you in the sensitive way you need, it’s not as simple as one person or place being “the best.”

Every woman is looking for something completely different out of their birth experience. While one mother may want a calm, natural birth, another mom may just want to get it all over with and work with a staff that she feels can take charge of the situation. It’s also important to remember that birth runs on hormones. The way we feel during birth isn’t just random, it actually controls the whole situation. Fear causes a rise in catecholamines, the stress hormone, which in turn causes a slowing in the labor process if it comes in too early. Feeling protected and taken care of by the people you love can create more Oxytocin, the love hormone, which is responsible for strong, productive contractions. Which brings me to my point: Deciding on the hospital you’re going to give birth in, based on your friends' experiences, can be a big mistake. While seeing all the medical equipment hidden away may make one woman calm, an anxious mother might be more stressed out not understanding how the medical staff can access that equipment efficiently in an emergency situation. While one mom might like the feeling of being clearly in a hospital setting, another mom might be looking for more of a home-y birth experience and the bright lights can be a turn off. Hospital tours often happen during the most inconvenient time of day, and if you’re looking for a hospital tour in English, here in Israel, most hospitals only have them once a month; but the amount you gain from attending a hospital tour is incomparable to anything else. From the feeling you get from the moment you walk in, to the sense of the medical staff, their wishes for you, the way you relate to their policy and view of birth- there’s so much to be gained from that 1.5 hour time commitment. In the scheme of things, there’s a big payoff for that short investment. The same holds true about doulas, private midwives and doctors and any other professional you’ll work with during your birth experience. You may experience someone in a completely different way than your friend, so it’s important to form that opinion yourself. By putting in the extra effort and doing your work, you will walk away with the most empowering experience, knowing you helped form your team and make the best choices for you and your baby, with the information that you had. To Register for a Tour at Hadassah Ein Kerem:

To Register for a Tour at St. Josephs: Call: 02-591-1910 To Register for a tour at Shaarei Tzedek Hospital:

For more info on choosing your Birth Team, feel free to reach out to BirthBuddy Israel at or give us a call at 0546148675

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